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Chinese Cinderella- The true story of an unwanted daughter

  Chinese Cinderella is a story about a girl whose biological mother died shortly after she was born. After her mother died giving birth to her, Adeline's affluent and powerful family considers her bad luck.

  Life does not get easier after her father remarries and she and her siblings are subjected to their stepmother's disdain, while their half brother and half sister are thoroughly spoiled by her. Although Adeline wins prizes in school, they are not what she really yearns for- the love and understanding of her family.

  In this story, my favourite character is Adeline herself as although her family did not care for her, she also received care and respect from her schoolmates and her aunt and also strived to work hard in school to achieve what she wanted and went to college in England with her third brother to study in the end.

  What I enjoyed about this book is that Adeline herself had won the first prize as a local Chinese student from Hong Kong who had won such a prestigious event for the first time in the International Play-writing Competition held in London, England and eventually went to college in England to study. From this part of the story, I learnt that if you work hard, you will succeed in the end.